Travel in Italy as an Italian


Sicily is the biggest island of Italy, located in the South part of the country. Thanks to its geographical position, in the past it was dominated by several populations, who left their influence, that you can see still today, both on the architecture and on the food!

Sicily is the best combination of different cultures and cuisines:
- Norman style in Palermo area (the street food is the best expression);
- Arabic style in Trapani area (the cous cous is the symbol of this cuisine);
- Spanish style in Ragusa area (the artisanal chocolate is predominant, not only as dessert!).

As it is an island, in the Sicilian cuisine you will find a lot of seafood, but in Ragusa the black pork of Nebrodi Mountains is renowned and also the cultivation of vegetables is very important, thanks to the sun almost all the year. Last, but not least, the production of wines (both red and white) and of extra virgin olive oil is one of the most important of the region. Besides the food, also the landscape is really interesting and complex: mountains, hills, rock coasts, sandy coasts and a gorgeous sea make Sicily a jewel to see!