Travel in Italy as an Italian


Umbria is an interesting region, located in the central part of Italy. It is the heart of Italy.

The landscape is amazing, with beautiful hills, mountains and medieval villages still in great shape, as Perugia (the capital), Assisi, Gubbio, Bevagna, Orvieto.

Umbria is well known for its historical-religious past, well represented by Assisi, the city of San Francesco, Patron Saint of Italy. It is also well known for its cuisine, that is a cuisine from the land.

Think about the black truffle, especially in Gubbio and Orvieto areas, the red wine, in Umbertide and Montefalco areas, extra virgin olive oil (the most important variety is Moraiolo) and beans in Foligno area. Don’t forget the charcuterie and wild meat in almost all the dishes.

Come to discover Umbria!