Travel in Italy as an Italian


Piemonte is an amazing region, located in the Northern part of the Country, on the border with France, at the foot of Alps.

With beautiful hills covered by huge vineyards, that becomes red and orange during the Fall giving a natural show in Langhe and Roero areas; Medieval Castles in Monferrato area, still in great shape; and fascinating cities, rich in tradition and history, as Asti, Alba, Torino; Piemonte is one of the most visited region of Italy.

Not only for the landscape, but also for its incredible cuisine, influenced by French cuisine, based on cheeses, charcuterie, red meat, rise, with huge rise fields, white and black truffle, very popular the truffle fair in Alba and Moncalvo, chocolate and…last but not least nougat!

As wine, the production is one of the biggest in Italy, especially red fine wines, as Barolo, Barbaresco, Nebbiolo and many others. Don’t forget the great Grappa! Come to explore Piemonte!