Travel in Italy as an Italian


Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, after Sicily, located in the center of the western Mediterranean. Rich of mountains, the Gennargentu is the largest mountain complex in the region, forests, largely uninhabited territories, waterways, beautiful rocky coasts and long sandy beaches, as the amazing Costa Smeralda, for the variety of its ecosystems the island has been defined as a micro-continent.

This a unique island, for centuries and centuries "far" from the Mediterranean history and commerce, land of ancient civilizations and shepherds, who left the “nuraghi”, ancient cone-shaped defensive towers, the largest and best preserved of Europe. Sardinia is one of the most artisanal regions and its cuisine is varied, based on an agro-pastoral culture, enriched in history through contributions and contaminations from contacts and exchanges between different Mediterranean cultures. Varied and diverse, it ranges from roasted meats, to bread, pasta, cheeses and wines.

The basis of Sardinian cuisine is durum wheat, that gives to the region typical products and dishes: Carasau bread, malloreddus (traditional gnocchi of durum wheat semolina flavored with saffron), fregola (a particular dry pasta made from durum wheat semolina) and the Culurgiones (typical pasta stuffed with ricotta and mint). One of the symbols of this cuisine is the “Porcheddu sardo” typical pork meat, but there so many traditional products, as Pecorino Sardo, bottarga, saffron, tuna, myrtle. Sardinia also produces excellent wines.

In a few words, Sardinia deserves to be discovered in all its shades…

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