Travel in Italy as an Italian

About things to do

All Italian regions offer a variety of attractions, such as high snowy mountains where you can ski and practice other winter sports and admire the landscape, especially along the northern border but also in some areas of the Apennines; art cities large and small, with spectacular architecture of every period and style; culinary delicacies with various typical regional dishes, local handcrafts throughout the peninsula, from glass to gold, lace, natural beauty in the mountains, in the countryside, to the sea.

Fifteen regions out of twenty, including two islands, are washed by the sea, with about 7500 km of coastline, so there is a vast choice of locations and landscapes, from the beaches of various colored sands, to the cliffs, also of various colors. From many regions of Italy there are many maritime connections with other localities, as well as many sailing companies that organize cruises around the peninsula and much further away.

Unlike countries like England and France, just to give two examples, Italy was unified only in 1861 and before then it was divided into many kingdoms and republics, each with their own administration, currency, language and many traditions. This explains why, even today, traditions, customs, food, wine, dialects and accents, even natural and architectural landscapes greatly vary from region to region and the inhabitants of the various regions are very proud of their traditions.

Let be guided in a culinary itinerary, discovering our excellent wines, distilled, extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar and chocolate!

Cook with us!
An unique opportunity to create traditional recipes, with professional chefs.

Collect olives directly from the tree or search for truffles in the woods, try their hand at producing cheese directly in the hut or picking grapes in the vineyards. We will take you to the heart of the production.

The activities to do and discover in Italy are endless, travel with us to discover the best and contact us for proposals and suggestions